Inward Outward

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

I believe the most value a person can generate is often by working inward outward, instead of outward inward.

And example of working outwards in could be:

- An artist who puts out a track in the lastest style of the genre, or whose song talks about a recent subject in society
- A Youtuber whose content talks about a news trend, or stylizes their channel using the same style or tactics a trending youtuber.
- A company who changes its product or service to become more modern

Some of the risks of using the outward inward approach is:

- It's reactive, your latest work is often reliant on you ability to reflect on the outside world.
- It's limited to the staying within the bounds of what is currently acceptable/approved.
- It's often indicative of an unwillingness to take a more ambitious route, by relying on outside influence to shape your work.
- Because of an unwillingness to be ambitious, you are then subject to the approval of the consensus of others. You and are bounded to the scope of the acceptable products/services in motion.


Tuesday, 19 March 2019

The start of Mad Perfect.

With this, I have made my first entry public before turning 30. I wanted to start this site, or something like this, for over 7 years.

The first interation of Mad Perfect was TwentyTo, the name I grew to dislike, there are to many different ways to spell it. TwentyTo was symbolic of the age (22) when I started writing notes more extensively.

I write my notes on the iPhone notes app, I didn't expect it to be as convenient as it was, but within days of using the notes app I found it to be a natural way of keeping notes.

I write notes in order to store meaningful information, wisdom.

Most of what I write is limited, it only captures that message of the moment in time, and I have to interpret the message I wrote and the context that I wrote it in the present, often years later. 

I like writing limited notes, mostly because expanding on the meaning of note for the archive is not required. If the note I left has little or no meaning anymore, because it's outdated, or now misunderstood, that could mean the note I left was fleeting, maybe not that important.

What makes my notes unique is they are all collected in moments of sudden realization. What that means is, all of my notes are inward coming out. Inward coming Out, instead of Outward information coming In.

That is actually going to be the second entry on Mad Perfect, Inward/Outward interpretation